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School Safety


As a superintendent, campus administrator or school security professional, you recognize that the most important benchmark of an outstanding campus or school district is the safety of its students and staff.  A safe and orderly school environment is the foundation upon which student academic success rests.  

However, navigating the complexities of school safety and security legislation, policy, best practices and the expectations of parents, staff, students and the community can be challenging.  Rarely is there a "one size fits all" solution when it comes to implementing school safety and emergency preparedness measures at your particular school or district.  

Joseph Parks shares your passion for school safety and understands the critical role a safe and secure learning environment plays in overall student success.  A Texas licensed attorney since 2004, Mr. Parks' career in school security, law and public safety spans over 35 years.  He brings a remarkable breadth of experience in providing solutions and counsel in matters of school safety, security and related matters. 


Among other things, he can assist your district or campus with:

  • Consultation on specific issues or specific projects facing your district or organization

  • Development and implementation of emergency procedures, protocols and plans, including provisions required by Texas Senate Bill 11 (2019)

  • Development or modification of district or school board policies affecting safety, security operations or related matters

  • Enhancing the partnership between campus administrators and school resource officers (SROs), school based law enforcement and external agencies

  • Training for campus or district leaders in emergency preparedness, incident response, decision-making and interaction with school based law enforcement and first responders

  • MTTX Micro Tabletop Exercises (TM) (SM)**

  • Vulnerability reviews of facilities, practices or processes

  • Facilitating or conducting after-action reviews of incidents with adverse outcomes or "near misses"

  • Other services on a case-by-case basis.  

Experience and Perspective

For more information concerning Mr. Parks' prior work, projects and accomplishments in the area of school safety, training, organizational policy and emergency preparedness, please 


**MTTX Micro Tabletop Exercise is a trademark and service mark of the Law Office of Joseph L. Parks, PLLC

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